Kumiko Kondo started oil painting in 2013. She painted some Portraits as gifts for some friends to begin with, after which Kumiko started painting lots of Landscapes and Still life. She moved to London in 2014 with her husband and realised that people in Britain enjoy displaying paintings more than Japanese people do. For example many English people love to display paintings in each of their rooms, at an entrance to their flat, in restaurants, pubs, cafes, offices and so on. Kumiko took a liking to this custom and became even more and more interested in painting. Since Kumiko moved to London, she has travelled with her family to see beautiful scenery all over Europe, and she likes visiting historic art museums and art galleries wherever she goes and feels inspired by them. Lately, her works have been appreciated by more people and she has been getting many commissions as well. Many of her friends who have stayed in London for a couple of years ask Kumiko to paint the house they lived in or a place which is precious memory for them, before they leave. She always hopes that her paintings can warm people's hearts and that they will display them in their home or favourite place..